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Union Proposals

Unit 3 Bargaining Package #1 ~

On November 20, 2008, the Unit 3 Bargaining Team for Post-Doctoral Fellow members of CUPE 3906 met with the employer (the university administration) for the first time.   The union presented its initial package, which includes common language shared with other collective agreements at McMaster, and a sketch of forthcoming proposals.  The initial package can be viewed here.  This package does not address items that are primarily monetary, and includes many items that are “reserved” pending discussion at the table.  These issues will be addressed in supplemental packages.

Thanks to all Unit 3 members for their ongoing feedback and involvement.

Unit 3 Bargaining Package #2 – Monetary Proposals (and unresolved issues) ~

The monetary proposals package tabled in March 2009 is available here.

Unit 3 Bargaining Package #3 – Posting, Appointments and Job Security

This package, tabled in late March 2009, can be viewed here.

* NEW * — Most Recent Unit 3 Language and Final Monetary Offer

This package, tabled by the Union on May 5 (the Union’s 12th package) and viewable here, includes BOTH the most recent Unit 3 non-monetary language AND the Union’s FINAL monetary package until the Employer makes significant movement in all priority areas.

This package includes a great many modifications from our initial and recent proposals packages, and constitutes the bare minimum of what Post-Doctoral Fellows have told their bargaining team is acceptable.   As such, should no further movement from the Employer be forthcoming, the Union will NOT reduce demands, but will request the assistance of a government-appointed conciliation officer.

Watch this blog for updates as they are available.


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